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Every home has its quirks, but a few years ago I realized that my home was especially quirky. It seemed like no matter what we did, we just couldn't keep our electrical system working well, and it was super frustrating. Some outlets wouldn't work, and others were spotty at best. Sometimes all of the outlets would work. Other times the fuse would blow when we were least expecting it. It was really frustrating, but fortunately, a local electrician came to our aid and helped us to make things better. This blog is here to help any homeowner to know when they need professional help with their electronics.

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Floor Outlet Installations: Four Rooms Ideal For Upgrades & Installations

Having access to outlets can make a huge difference for your home. It can impact the way you set up furniture, arrange various items, and have access to all types of electronics. When hiring the services of an electrician, one of the installations that can complete on your home is a floor outlet installation. These outlets typically consist of a deep outlet that features a protective cover when it is not in use. An electrician can often install these outlets on all different types of flooring, giving you a variety of options for your home's layout. As you consider the outlets, it's a good idea to plan out different rooms that you want to place them in and the best ways to distribute them through your home.

Living Rooms

Finding the perfect setup in your living room can be made dramatically easier with the installation of floor outlets. Often times, couches and other pieces of furniture must be placed close to walls so that they can be near an outlet. Otherwise, you find yourself extending cables across rooms and creating tripping hazards. Floor outlets allow you to set up tables lamps and nightstands exactly where you want them. The floor outlets can be used to plug in lamps or chargers for things like phone batteries. The floor outlets can also make it easier to vacuum different areas of the home. By using a floor outlet, you also have the ability to set up your home entertainment center or different components of it. For example, you can plug in floor speakers or special sound bars that can create all types of dynamic sounds.

Laundry Rooms

Get laundry done and have access to all of the extras you need by having floor outlets installed in these rooms. Laundry rooms are often smaller, limiting space to move around and access specific areas. A floor outlet can help you use a variety of accessories. For example, it allows you to easily set up an ironing board and plug in an iron. You can also use it for additional accessories like a hand steamer. Laundry rooms often double as mud rooms. The floor outlet is ideal for plugging in box fans or large dryers that can be used on wet clothes, pets, or muddy children.


The proper flow of a kitchen is really important for having room to cook, socialize, and complete daily tasks. Floor outlets can be installed in various parts of the kitchen including near kitchen islands or underneath the main kitchen table. These access points can help expand access to appliances and cooking accessories. For example, if the whole family is baking cookies together, everyone can sit at the kitchen table. Floor outlets can be used to plug in various devices like blenders and mixers. It also helps keep everything all in one location. The outlets are also ideal for plugging in devices like laptops or tablets that may be used at the kitchen table. When the sun is shining through windows, having the extra outlet options can make a huge difference in the areas where you choose to work or relax.

Gaming Rooms

The expansion of video games has led many homes to introduce more functional gaming rooms. These rooms are used for tablets, older arcade machines, and televisions used for gaming consoles. Floor outlets will allow you to set up the gaming equipment exactly where you want it. Expanding gaming elements to multiple areas of the room can really expand the way that people play and enjoy the content. It's also useful for gaming chairs with speakers, lights, and other accessories that need to be plugged in.

An electrician can provide you with prices, estimates, and more details on the installation process.