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Every home has its quirks, but a few years ago I realized that my home was especially quirky. It seemed like no matter what we did, we just couldn't keep our electrical system working well, and it was super frustrating. Some outlets wouldn't work, and others were spotty at best. Sometimes all of the outlets would work. Other times the fuse would blow when we were least expecting it. It was really frustrating, but fortunately, a local electrician came to our aid and helped us to make things better. This blog is here to help any homeowner to know when they need professional help with their electronics.

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Common Signs That The Electrical System In A Warehouse Is In Need Of Repair

Warehouses are often large in size, which means that they have a large and complicated electrical system. In order to protect the building and prevent a dangerous fire, it is essential to keep the electrical system in good working condition. When problems are noticed, a commercial electrician should be contacted immediately. Some common signs that the wiring in a warehouse is in need of repair or updating include:

Continual Blown Fuses and Tripped Circuit Breakers

In a large building like a warehouse, the circuit breakers may trip on occasion and you may experience a blown fuse from time to time. But these should be isolated events. If you notice that circuit breakers are tripping on a regular basis or you have multiple blown fuses, this is usually a major sign that there is something wrong with the electrical system. Don't ignore these issues, since they oven mean that circuits are overloaded and can't handle the flow of electricity.

Dimming or Flickering Lights

When you turn on the lights in your warehouse, they should all give off the same brightness and remain on without issue. Lights that flicker or dim intermittently are typically a sign of an issue. This can happen because their is a short in a wire or because the electrical system is overloaded. 

Electrical Burning Smell

Electrical fires don't always break out into huge infernos-- wires can smolder behind outlets before flames can be seen. Any time that you smell an electrical burning smell inside your warehouse, it should be treated as an emergency. If your warehouse is large, it may be difficult to determine exactly where the burning smell is coming from. Your best bet is to immediately call a commercial electrician for assistance.

Dead Switches or Outlets

An outlet or switch that ceases working may not seem like a big deal, but it is actually a symptom of an electrical problem. In many cases, dead switches and outlets happen when there is a poor connection between wires. An electrician should be able to repair the issue in a timely manner.

Small Shocks

Plugging in and unplugging appliances, tools, and electronics should never be an issue when an electrical system is in good repair. But if there is an electrical problem with an outlet, a person may feel a small shock when using it. If this happens in your warehouse, immediately stop using the outlet and make sure that other employees know not to use it until it is repaired. 

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